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Charity Foundation “I am the Future of Ukraine”

Charity Foundation “I am the Future of Ukraine” (hereinafter – the CF) mission implies support of the most vulnerable children in Ukraine, namely orphans and children deprived of parental care, kids with physical and developmental disabilities and diseases, requiring assistance and treatment, as well as existing in total poverty and harsh living conditions.

The main objectives of the CF are following (and not limited to):

  • provision of social, material and psychological assistance to children and families in difficult circumstances;
  • fundraising for kids’ treatment and equipment for clinics;
  • Protection of the children rights, public control promotion of disinterested assistance to children.


The operational activity of the CF can be nominally divided onto two parts – the daily activities and grand projects realization.

Daily activities are focused on support and help to children from all parts of Ukraine with numerous physiological, social, psychological and financial problems, i.e.:

  • children who live under the poverty line and in awful conditions;
  • orphans and children abandoned by parents;
  • children with disabilities;
  • children with serious illnesses who come from poor families;
  • children whose rights are violated and who need legal support;
  • children of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes as well as the children of the fallen soldiers;
  • little children raised by their single mothers without a permanent place to stay.

Support is also provided to public institutions. Like rehabilitation center for children with central nervous system disorders; pediatric departments in hospitals, surgical departments and departments of epidemiology, as well as neonatal pathology departments; social center “Mothers and Children”; special general education   orphanage-school of Karapchivsk, general education orphanage-school of Selyatinsk (I-III levels), Storozhinetska orphanage-school (I-III levels), special general education orphanage-school #1 of Hotinsk, special general education orphanage-school #2 of Hotinsk, special orphanage for disabled girls in Kolomiya, educational rehabilitation center #1 of Chernovtsy Region.

Daily activities imply fundraising and following purchase of medicaments, financial support of vulnerable women and kids, search for doctors in the most complicated cases and accompanying during the medical treatment, both in Ukraine and abroad, visits to families in far rural regions with food, basics and in order to provide any help, e.g. repair works in the apartment, etc.

The grand project realization part of operational activity of the CF includes number of launched, on-going and planned projects. Selected cases we will describe below, however the list is non-exhaustive:

  • Annual Charitable Festival “Bukovynska Dream”.

Core idea of the festival is helping to orphans’ dreams to become true.

Thousands of children from orphanages receive presents of what they dreamed each year. For 10 consecutive years, kids attend two weeks of rest in the Carpathians and obtain presents. The procedure of dreams realization is quite simple: prior to rest weeks, any individual or company willing to contribute, can visit web-site, choose kid’s dream and buy presents;

  • Hospitals of the Future

The CF helps to seriously ill children undergo treatment and rehabilitation. However, very often the hospitals do not have proper conditions, the equipment is outdated, and drugs are lack. The Foundation contributes to the improvement of conditions in medical institutions. The most recent initiatives were:

  • provision of an X-ray facilities in the Chernivtsi Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. With the help of concerned people, the CF acquired a special door, changed the windows and made repairs inside the cabinet so that the children quickly received high-quality X-ray images in proper conditions;
  • set up of a bathroom in the department of Oncology and Hematology of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital (Chernivtsi), where small patients receiving chemotherapy now have the opportunity to take a shower and not endanger themselves. Previously, oncological children with weakened immunity, for whom vitally necessary sterile conditions had to go to the bathroom in other departments, which in turn diminished their chances to recover;
  • purchase of 30 sets of bed linen for the Rehabilitation Center (Chernivtsi), so that the children slept on the warm, soft bed and saw bright dreams after the hard work that they do every day to heal;
  • set up a “Bookshelf” and “Boxes of Courage” in the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital (Chernivtsi) at the Department of Onco-Hematology. Purpose: Children inpatient care will have the opportunity to read wonderful children’s books that are constantly sent from different corners of Ukraine to the СF, to get away from the difficult treatment and plunge into the world of fairy tales. Also, after painful procedures, small patients will be able to blindly choose a small gift in the “Box of Courage” for their demonstrated courage. Later, the team of the CF plans to place “Bookshelves” and “Boxes of courage” throughout Ukraine. In total, there are 70 children’s hospitals in all 24 regions of our country.


  • City of Goodness

Many mothers live with kids below the poverty line, in horrible conditions, without even basic necessities to exist. Often these difficult situations cannot be solved by a single donation of money, aid or words of support. Some moms are “graduates” of the Ukrainian orphanage system, or have themselves grown up in disadvantaged families – and do not know any good examples of how to take care of kids or understanding of the behavior “mother-child”. They have never been hugged, loved, kissed or shown how to cook, care and maintain a household. Moreover, it is appeared that some mothers are illiterate, cannot even read, have no understanding on how to care about their children. The problem of such gender inequality is one of the greatest problems in developing countries and is wide spread over Ukraine in particular. The historical route of women in out-of-the-way villages and provinces is sad and pathetic: elder girls in multi-child families should look after the other children, have no opportunity to get even basic education or potential profession, than are given in marriage, get pregnant and go through the same vicious circle. They are abused in families and become homeless with no ability to survive. The same situation is with the numerous graduates of the orphanage system. We strongly believe that giving essentials and instruments to grow, enhancing the rights and the position of vulnerable women and their opportunities to participate strengthens the society as a whole, thus promoting attainment of the other development goals is crucial.

That is why the constant system of learning and support is crucial to overcome this problem. Women need the environment where they are taught and led by professionals, pediatricians, teachers, together with other moms in an atmosphere that is not judgmental or meant to hurt, in positive conditions of an anti-crisis center. We strongly believe that poor and hurt mothers are not bad mothers, and by timely provided support, we can directly influence their life and change destiny of child with no ending up in orphanages.

The “City of Goodness” – is a charity Ukraine-wide project, which is going to become a large network of facilities, offering social services and accommodation to the poorest families and ensuring the kids remain within the family and are raised in good conditions. The “City of Goodness” will fight for every mother and her child. It is also important to emphasize, that at least half of those kids are physically challenged with different degrees of disability due to various diseases or living conditions. Women, current and potential residents of the “City of Goodness”, are those who have no homes, those who grew up as orphans, those who are “graduates” of orphanages and those who have been abused in their homes will find comfort, safety and support in such a place. . “City of Goodness” is a place where resident papers and certificates, confessions, race and sexual identity matter nothing. They will not be judged on who they are. And of not less importance, they will not be asked where they are from – “City of Goodness” is opened for every mother form any part of Ukraine of even other countries.

The symbol of the “City of Goodness” is a child being together with mother!

“City of Goodness” initiative is a complex idea focused on support of vulnerable women with children, Every mother will receive an individually customized plan for her growth and development, with timeline of future education, attendance to a job and search for a profession. There will be a set term that will be determined for how long each mom will remain at the “City of Goodness” based on her specific goals and needs.

“City of Goodness” – is a focal point of support for kids and their moms, who will be able to reside there until they are ready to overcome their crisis and feel like a free and confident member of society.

The ultimate goal of the “City of Goodness” initiative – to provide women with means and skills to get a job, to ensure that they are ready and able to take care of their kids and themselves.

Taking into account all the above,  the existence of such initiative is crucial for society, however it is very costly to pay rent for premises together with daily finance support of essentials and rehabilitation, as it was used to be before. Fortunately, on 7th of February 2018 the CF has purchased a separate building in Chernivtsi city with a big territory, on which they will be able to construct new buildings (to accommodate and help to more families) and rehabilitation center for disabled children. It is planned that in autumn 2018 the mothers in need will move to the City of Goodness with repaired main building, including the constructed modern and ecologically safe sewage system.

Marta’s Dream

Nowadays, there is a successfully launched and operating project, which became the basement for the idea of creating the “City of Goodness”. A small prototype of “City of Goodness” – house of Marta’s Dream exists in Chernivtsi for a year. This shelter has already served as the support place for over 37 women with children: homeless, orphaned, graduates of orphanages and victims of abuse in their families. They are mothers, whose kids would have been taken away to an orphanage if not to this center. Women came to Marta’s Dream house form various corners of Ukraine – regions of Kyiv, Donetsk, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, etc., as well as the “City of Goodness” would do. They have found the full-scaled help: social, educational, medical and humanitarian in this house.

Only 2 stories had sad ending – kids were taking away from women, who could not cope with the situation. Those kids have been already adopted within families.

Thirty-one moms and their children has successfully left the house and managed to start a new life: have established their own professions, attained jobs, and can independently pay for rent and provide good living conditions f or their families. They have fully overcome their crisis and today help other mothers in difficult and challenging situations. The house saved moms for their children!

Please, follow the link to the project overview in media:

  • Good Mom

It is worth to notice separately, that currently, the women, living in house of Marta’s Dream, are going through the hard way of support and crisis overcome together with idea of sustainability: they are cooking for other women with children in need and transporting it to needy families. All products are provided by the center and concerned people.

Today, there are 20 families in need. In future, it is planned to increase the possibility of providing such assistance through the reconstruction of the food unit at the City of Goodness.

Please, follow the link to the project overview in media:

  • Other projects, e.g. “Dreams” calendar, charity event “I am the Future of Ukraine”, Photo project “Dream”, “Miss Future of Ukraine. Never left”, “I am the Blue Bird”, etc.

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