Who We Shelter

“There was a 16-year-old mother who didn’t understand how to read the clock and couldn’t feed her baby on time, leading to her child being taken away from her. She was failed by everybody — her parents who did not give her a proper childhood; the school which was supposed to teach her basic knowledge; the government which was supposed to care, but there was no one to do so; the maternity hospital which was supposed to explain how to care for a child. But instead, the state takes the child away. We want to keep the child in the family and have already saved more than 6,000 Ukrainian children from social orphanhood.”
– Marta Levchenko, founder of the City of Goodness.

We provide shelter to:

  • Mothers with children living in difficult life circumstances who are at risk of having their children taken away from their families;
  • Victims of domestic violence;
  • Mothers with children who have lost their homes because of the war;
  • Mothers with children living below the poverty line and in need of social reintegration;
  • Children deprived of parental care from evacuated orphanages;
  • Older single people;
  • Children with disabilities;
  • Dogs affected by the war.

How We Help​

Helping women with children

The City of Goodness provides abused women with more than just situational protection and shelter. Here, based on the situation of each particular woman, they are offered an individual resocialization program and prepared for an independent, fulfilling life. They are taught how to take care of children, run a household. We help them get an education and find a job. Doctors, psychologists, teachers and lawyers work with the women. Doctors also come to the shelter to tell them how to take care of themselves and their children and talk about sexuality education. Police officers who inform how to behave and counteract domestic violence. Volunteers who teach women things that could help them for free — sewing, carving, cooking, doll making, resume writing, computer skills, etc.

How We Help​

1. Provision of shelter:

  • Full social security;
    Psychological and physical rehabilitation;
    Medical support;
    Legal support;
    Financial support.

2. Vocational and educational services for women:

  • Assistance in obtaining education, professional skills and employment;
    Financial literacy training;

3. Post-support of graduates:

  • Job search;
    Assistance with housing arrangements;
    Psychological, legal, and humanitarian support after completion of the shelter stay.

4. Children's development

  • Preschool education for orphans;
    Treatment and rehabilitation;
    Art therapy;
    Master classes;
    Clubs and scientific and creative studios;

5. Medical care in our rehabilitation center and palliative care unit for children.

How You Can Receive Our Help

We help:

  • Women with children who suffer from domestic violence;
  • Women with children who are homeless and without shelter;
  • Women who are on the verge of being deprived of parental rights due to inadequate care conditions, poverty or lack of education;
  • Women with children who have problems with their documents and cannot find work and housing;
  • Women with children from all regions of Ukraine and foreign nationals in need of assistance in Ukraine;
  • Single elderly women who have no place to live or suffer from domestic violence;

The center receives women and children of all religions and is adapted to accommodate people with various types of physical disabilities

To gain admission to the center, you require:

  • Preliminary agreement with the center by phone or e-mail;
  • Fluorography;

The center is equipped with everything necessary for the accommodation and care of children of all ages. Families living in the center are provided with all necessary things, hygiene products and food.

Staying at the Center is completely FREE

The City of Goodness is not just a shelter and a place to live, it is a comprehensive program for the women socialization. Our ultimate goal is a woman who can provide for herself and her children, who is self-reliant and independent.

For this purpose, we provide our wards with:

  • psychological assistance;
  • legal assistance;
  • medical care;
  • pedagogical assistance;
  • we teach them how to run a household;
  • teaching how to take care of a child;
  • help women get an education and a job.

The development program is personalized and based solely on a woman’s desires and potential.

Each woman who comes to us must be ready to work on her development, study and, if necessary, get a profession.

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