Support the City of Goodness

The City of Goodness exists without state funding, relying on donations from caring individuals and grant support from the shelter’s partners.

The City of Goodness has 6 buildings where thousands of people each year live, eat, receive treated, rehabilitation, and professional legal and psychological assistance. This is why we are constantly seeking support.

The City of Goodness requires daily funding for its continuous operation and development to cover utility bills, buy food, medicines, hygiene products and provide other essentials for our clients. Most of them arrive at the center with the clothes they are wearing. That is why we urge everyone with a sincere heart — support the City of Goodness! Help us transform our city into a territory of absolute love, acceptance and assistance to those who have lost faith in human kindness. Even your smallest contribution can become a brick of a happy childhood for hundreds of children in need in Ukraine


Payment details

You can help us

  • If you work in the media or just have a page on social media, you can tell others about us: it helps spread the idea of charity, and people in need will always know where to go for help.
  • You, your family, a group of friends or colleagues can become a patron of the City of Goodness and its projects: financially support the current work of the Center, contribute to its growth and remain a part in the history of Ukrainian charity.
  • You can become a patron of salaries for specialists who work with our children.
  • If you work in a medical institution, you can offer your services to our wards.
  • If you represent a company, you can provide us with your products. The City needs everything from household goods and food to construction materials.
  • If you are a loving person, you can adopt one of our shelter pets from Khvostyky shelter and give them home.
    If you are a professional and ready to share your knowledge, you can become a mentor for our mothers.


  • to support the building and growth of the City of Goodness
    to cover the salaries of the staff caring for children
    assistance with medical treatment for mothers and children